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Get a seat at the table – why you should join the Wi-SUN Alliance and help shape the future of industrial IoT

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With more than 91 million Wi-SUN capable devices delivered globally, now is a great time to get a seat at the table and join the other 200+ member companies at the Wi-SUN Alliance and help to shape this important Industrial IoT (IIoT) specification.

Our members, which have been growing steadily over recent months and now herald from all corners of the globe and across many industry and government sectors, are working to drive new IoT applications products and services with a shared perspective on interoperability.

We saw this clearly at the DistribuTECH event in February where more than a dozen Wi-SUN Alliance members had booths, and where we showcased the very first Field Area Networks (FAN) certified products on the Wi-SUN stand. It demonstrated a real sense of strength in numbers and shows just how far we have come in recent years.

Among a growing list of applications that enhance efficiency, quality of service and resiliency, a Wi-SUN-based network ensures flexibility and enables the very highest levels of IoT security. Certified products will seamlessly interact while leveraging shared network infrastructure, facilitating an ecosystem of non-proprietary solutions. Additionally, Wi-SUN’s intelligent self-healing mesh network automatically responds to changing environments.

Let’s take a look at some of the privileges to Wi-SUN membership for key stakeholders:

Smart Cities and Utilities:
  • Gaining access to technical know-how
  • Influencing emerging standards with your requirements
  • Working with vendors to influence new smart community solutions
  • Attracting new business and driving economic development
  • Encouraging vendor innovation and competitive pricing
Cable and network operators:
  • Identifying yourself as local experts for cities, utilities and businesses
  • Gaining maximum access to the technology ecosystem
  • Helping promote wider adoption by new solutions
  • Gaining access to the Wi-SUN specifications
Device Manufacturers:
  • Connecting with cities and utilities around the world that are utilizing the Wi-SUN FAN specification
  • Feeding in your requirements to specification and Wi-SUN Alliance activities
  • Promoting your products as Wi-SUN Alliance certified

If you are interested in or thinking about joining the Wi-SUN Alliance, first take a look at what some of our other members have to say about the benefits of membership here and also about the benefits of Wi-SUN FAN certification here.

For more membership information, click here

Marina Donovan, Marketing Chair Wi-SUN Alliance and Vice President of Global Marketing and Public Affairs at Itron