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How should Utilities optimise their communications infrastructure for IoT Platform Connectivity?

Growth of IoT solutions within the Utility industry is growing considerably each year. There are many pitfalls and mistakes that can be prevented by understanding how to configure your IoT network early on. Which networks, what kind of devices, how to improve outage management, protect deployments against security breaches, ensure long lifecycles of devices and how to scale networks most cost effectively are all concerns which should be addressed before implementing any deployment.

Utilities should also be considering how best to achieve excellent service levels for critical infrastructure IoT deployments such as Utility AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) and DA applications. Wireless networks are becoming increasingly important in AMI and DA deployments, as they allow long distance two-way communication, even in difficult physical environments. Not all wireless networks are the same, however. Choosing the best wireless deployment is essential to ensure reliability and scalability, such as a Wi-SUN mesh deployment that can self-heal, as is ensuring devices are certificated to enhance security.

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Phil Beecher, CEO and President of the Wi-SUN Alliance, will be presenting at European Utility Week in Paris in November, explaining how UtiIities and Vendors can prevent mistakes by demonstrating how an IoT Network can be configured to be the most secure, the most scalable and therefore most cost effective for larger smart grid initiatives.


THURSDAY 14th November 

11.50-12.10 ‘IoT platforms for utilities’ session –  Digitalisation – Theatre 3, Hub Sessions Programme

SPEAKER Title: Optimising Communications Infrastructure for IoT Platform Connectivity. Presentation will focus on considerations such as security, scalability, network management, device lifecycles, and achieving service levels for critical infrastructure IoT deployments such as Utility AMI and DA applications.


and will be on the panel discussion straight after

12.30 – 13.00 Panel: Which are the best platforms for utilities? IoT for Utilities  – same location, Digitalisation – Theatre 3, Hub Sessions Programme

Drop-in Clinics at EUWeek

Wi-SUN is also running an expert Drop-in Clinic each day at 10.30 and 14.00 at the show for Utilities, vendors, cities, governments, journalists and new members to come and ask questions relating to growing and scaling their IoT within the Utility deployments, and how vendors can make the most of the smart ubiquitous network solution. Phil Beecher, along with some member organisations, are on hand to help explain the technology, outline new developments in IoT for Utilities and more.

Drop-in Clinic Schedule – Booth Q42

Tues 10.30   Securing your IoT  – what every utility and vendor needs to know

Tues 14.00   Scaling your IoT – how to find the right vendors 

Weds 10.30   Smart Meter Networks – not every vendor is the same

Weds 14.00   IoT – Why Open standards are best all round, especially for security and reliability.

Thurs 10.30   AMI – three things you need to know

Thurs 14.00   Three benefits of certified FAN products.