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A Smarter City: The Promise of Wi-SUN Technology

Now more than ever there is an urgent emphasis on cities to focus on traffic management, sustainability, and security. Today it is estimated that 55% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, studies predict that urban populations will more than double in size, boosting the percentage of city dwellers to almost 70%.

Creating the smart city of the future while designing for the “here and now” can be a challenge. According to our latest IoT research report Journey to IoT Maturity: Smart parking (77%) has seen the biggest rise since 2017 (up from 57%), along with traffic lights and controls (76% up from 58%), noise and air sensors (79% up from 62%) and electric vehicle charging (79% up from 66%). Street lighting, which enables smart cities to control energy use and costs while maintaining citizen safety and security, grew 72% up from 61% in 2017 when Wi-SUN did its first IoT study.

This week we are headed to Columbus, OH as a Bronze sponsor for Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, where we’re eager to continue the conversation about how smart cities can be better enabled to serve the citizens of the future. Be sure to stop by our booth (#301) to hear the latest Alliance developments and join us for our panel session: The Smartest Cities choose Wi-SUN.  The panel is scheduled for April 7th at 9AM EST and will explore the Wi-SUN FAN (Field Area Network), which provides all the versatility and flexibility to implement smart, automated, and wireless solutions designed to make major city infrastructure scalable, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. For more details on the panel and entire program please visit, https://spring.smartcitiesconnect.org/program/index.html

Wi-SUN FAN’s numerous technical, performance, and reliability benefits for smart city IoT infrastructure, including superior coverage and resilience and enterprise-grade security already proven at a very large scale make this the smart choice. With more than 100 million devices deployed globally, Wi-SUN FAN is a field tested and proven smart city technology with compatible devices already extensively deployed in North America, EMEA and APAC regions. Learn how Wi-SUN FAN is particularly well suited to dense urban networks applications as well as how easy Wi-SUN networks is to commission and maintain.

If you’re searching for a fresh viewpoint and a boost of inspiration, be sure to join Wi-SUN and our panelists.

– Mitch Klein, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, IoT, Silicon Labs (moderator)

– Phil Beecher, CEO, Wi-SUN Alliance

– Teri Nolan-Range, Channel Manager Smart Cities, Itron, Inc.

– Steve Clark, Security Technologist, WISeKey

– Paul Duffy – Industrial IoT Networking, Cisco


For more information visit: Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo