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Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Test Bed Controller

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In conjunction with QualityLogic, the Wi-SUN Alliance now offers the Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Test Bed Controller (TBC).

The TBC is a software application that initiates FAN 1.0 traffic on a test bed consisting of multiple routers and other supporting hardware. The TBC is designed to manage Conformance and Interoperability testing for FAN 1.0 on the Wi-SUN-defined test bed specification. It is based on the Wi-SUN Certification Test Bed, FAN 1.0 Conformance, and FAN Interoperability Test Specifications.

QualityLogic has developed the TBC in partnership with Wi-SUN Alliance. QualityLogic is a leader in creating test tools for a range of Smart City and Smart Utility certification programs to support interoperable products based on open industry standards, including DERs and DR communications. In addition to providing test tools, QualityLogic offers training and advisory services to support the implementation of Smart Grid ecosystems.

Product Certification is Uncertain Without a Test Bed Controller

To gain Wi-SUN FAN certification, products undergo rigorous testing by one of several authorized test laboratories. Once a product successfully passes this independent testing, the manufacturer or vendor may then apply to Wi-SUN Alliance to use the Wi-SUN FAN CERTIFIED logo. This logo informs buyers and users that a device is ready for seamless integration into a FAN network.

However, this 3rd party testing process can represent a significant investment of a company’s money, time, and labor.

If, however, a device doesn’t pass certification testing on the first attempt, the cost in money, time and labor to correct the problems and re-submit the device for testing, can quickly escalate.

Some companies might be able to afford spending extra money and labor on multiple rounds of testing, but they’ll still be slower to market with their product. For startups and other smaller companies in the Smart City / Smart Grid / IoT space, time to market and financial and labor overheads need to be as efficient as possible. To succeed, they need to pass certification with their first submission.

An Affordable Test Bed Controller Speeds Up Product Certification

With the new, affordable TBC from QualityLogic and the Wi-SUN Alliance, companies can exercise their new products against the exact tests that the certification laboratories run. This way, developers know exactly how their product conforms to the FAN 1.0 standard before spending the money, time, and labor submitting the device for certification.

The test process is automated which not only increases efficiency, but provides consistency and repeatability in each test run.

Using the TBC to support pre-testing of their products, companies big and small get to market faster with a high-quality product.

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