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Unlocking IoT Potential with Wi-SUN: Connectivity, security and interoperability

Ratna Garapati, MD & CEO, CyanConnode India

The era of digital transformation is upon us, marked by the rise of smart cities and the integration of the IoT applications into our everyday lives. These advances have brought forward the need for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity solutions.

While the advent of 5G is a significant milestone, it isn’t a comprehensive solution for all connectivity challenges, especially in the context of large-scale IoT networks. In this context, the combination of RF mesh networks, 5G connectivity, and Wi-SUN FAN technology comes into play as innovative solutions that are up to the task.

Wi-SUN FAN, based on global open standards, is at the heart of this blend. The design caters to the diverse needs of smart cities, smart utilities and other IoT applications. With the increasing adoption of 5G technology across industries, Wi-SUN’s potential to deliver seamless connectivity, advanced sensor integration, robust analytics, and data-driven operations is significantly amplified.

Its compatibility with 5G ensures reliable operation under extreme conditions and comprehensive coverage across large-scale urban, semi-urban and rural regions – fundamental requirements for efficient IoT networks. This blend enhances coverage, reliability, and resilience, tackling traditional connectivity challenges head-on.

The benefits of Wi-SUN FAN extend beyond mere connectivity. It supports the dynamic environment of IoT networks, making it an invaluable asset in a range of applications, such as smart metering implementations. The interoperability provided by Wi-SUN FAN enables smooth interfacing and operation with devices from multiple vendors, demonstrating the versatility and wide-ranging application of this technology.

A leading player in IoT communications, CyanConnode has recognised the potential of Wi-SUN FAN. Our Omnimesh solution, harnessing the power of Wi-SUN technology, amplifies the benefits of IoT networks. A specific area of focus for the company is the development of IP-based security technologies, which offer robust defences against threats in the digital landscape.

As a business, we have also shown foresight in appreciating the potential of hybrid networks that combine the strengths of RF mesh networks and the data transmission capabilities of 5G. This approach involves aggregating data from hundreds or even thousands of devices onto the cellular network via a data concentrator. This strategy helps keep costs low while enabling efficient deployment in challenging environments and allowing the cellular network to handle high data throughput.

The introduction of Wi-SUN FAN technology into the world of smart metering has enhanced security, interoperability, and widespread adoption for AMI and IoT communications. With the backing of the Wi-SUN Alliance, this ecosystem fosters innovation, encourages competition, and leads to the creation of better and more cost-effective products and services.

In this era of digital transformation, the importance of Wi-SUN technology only continues to grow. By embracing this international open standard, members are unlocking the full potential of emerging technologies like 5G, laying the groundwork for a future defined by innovation and connectivity. The importance of the technology will continue to grow as IoT networks keep evolving, driving progress and enabling the creation of more efficient, smarter, and connected cities.

In the context of security, Wi-SUN provides a robust foundation for secure IoT implementations. IP-based security technologies, which form part of the Wi-SUN protocol, ensure that data communication across the network is protected from threats. This commitment to security is embodied by companies like ours, which prioritise secure communication in our product offerings.

The ongoing development and adoption of Wi-SUN technology represent a significant step towards the goal of achieving seamless, secure, and interoperable connectivity. It stands as a testament to the power of standardisation and collaboration, with Wi-SUN Alliance playing a vital role in driving the technology’s evolution.

As more member companies join the Alliance, innovation is spurred and the technology’s capabilities are extended.


(Image courtesy of CyanConnode)