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Wi-SUN Technology: The Right Choice for Utility-Scale Solar Plants

Solar has become the most likely contender to lead renewable energy generation worldwide. Utility-scale solar power plants produce and distribute power to nearby homes and businesses at the grid scale. Solar energy at this scale replaces power plants that rely on non-renewable energy sources, such as coal or natural gas.

Developing utility-scale solar power has become one of the best ways to reduce carbon emissions and put us on the path to a cleaner energy future, reversing climate change.  Another critical benefit for utility-scale solar plants is the ability to provide fixed-priced electricity during peak hours when electricity is the most expensive and continually rising.

Reliable trackers are essential for today’s utility-scale solar plants, enabling the production yield that plant owners and investors demand, as well as the reduction in carbon footprint contributing to a cleaner and greener community.

For nearly three decades Wi-SUN Alliance member Kinematics has delivered customized, robust intelligent tracker actuation solutions to customers with mission-critical applications.

Kinematics adopted Wi-SUN wireless mesh communications technology for its solar tracker actuation systems because of the importance of having a wireless networking ecosystem that would bring customers the highest security, reliability, and flexibility.

Wi-SUN FAN provides interoperable, low power wireless communications, deriving many advantages from its flexible architecture and use of open standards. Chief among them are interoperability, security, reliability, ease of deployment and operations, network performance, and scalability.

Kinematics has recently published it whitepaper: Kinematics Is Bringing Industrial-Grade Communications to Large-Scale Solar, which provides valuable insights to help decision makers in the solar industry make informed technology and product decisions for tracker implementations.

The paper examines the key criteria that decision makers should be evaluating when designing large-scale wireless networking applications in terms of performance, reliability, scalability, interoperability and security, and touches on a number of areas including:

  • The importance of security and how Wi-SUN FAN addresses these concerns.
  • How Wi-SUN FAN addresses the need for reliability with a system architecture that enables data hopping and sub-GHz networking that eliminates interference from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other technologies.
  • The importance of open standards when it comes to deployment and ease of operations.
  • Highlights the most important questions that should be asked when evaluating Wi-SUN products, or any wireless network. How does your preferred system compare to others in terms of security, reliability, and ease of use?

To learn more, download the Kinematics Is Bringing Industrial-Grade Communications to Large-Scale Solar paper here.