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Wi-SUN CERTIFIEDTM products have undergone rigorous testing by one of our independent Authorized Test Laboratories. When a product successfully passes testing, the manufacturer or vendor may then apply to Wi-SUN Alliance to use the Wi-SUN CERTIFIED logo.

Certification means that a product has been tested for conformance to the relevant protocol standards and for interoperability with a range of other Wi-SUN CERTIFIED equipment implementing the same profile and operating in the same frequency band.

Certification is available for a wide range of consumer, enterprise, and operator-specific products, including smart meter communications devices, networking infrastructure, domestic electronic products, and modules, all based on Wi-SUN Alliance technical profiles.

Wi-SUN Alliance technical profiles are optimized for particular use cases such as Field Area Networks (FAN) or Home Area Networks (HAN). Each profile is supported by a specific certification program.

Click here to see a list of Wi-SUN Certified Products. 

The Wi-SUN CERTIFIED logo gives consumers confidence that a product will deliver a good user experience and meet industry standards. Utilities and service providers specify Wi-SUN CERTIFIED to ensure a product has met industry-agreed requirements for interoperability and therefore reduce support costs.

This Wi-SUN Alliance webinar provides an overview of the importance of certification and how to navigate the process to achieve Certification.

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