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Certification Process

The Wi-SUN CERTIFIED logo gives consumers confidence that a product will deliver a good user experience and meet industry standards. Utilities and service providers specify Wi-SUN CERTIFIED to ensure a product has met industry-agreed requirements for interoperability and therefore reduce support costs.

How to Certify a Wi‑SUN Enabled Product

The basic procedure for testing and certifying your implementation is as follows:

  1. Become a Contributor/Promoter member.
  2. Select the Wi-SUN profile that you wish to test and certify your product for compliance.
  3. Ensure that your implementation and documentation are suitable to submit to a Wi-SUN Alliance Approved Test Laboratory.
  4. Apply to a Wi-SUN Alliance Approved Test Lab to test your product for the specific Wi-SUN profile.
  5. Get tested in the test lab.
  6. Send test reports and other application documents to Wi-SUN Alliance.
  7. Pay the certification fee.
  8. Wi-SUN Alliance will validate the test report and accompanying documents and issue a Certificate on success.

For a more detailed description of the complete process, please see this document (accessible to Wi-SUN Alliance members only).

Please remember that to certify a product your company needs to be Contributor member or higher. Please visit this link to sign up for membership.

The membership benefits and fee structure for different levels of membership can be found here:

Technical Requirements for Certification

The following describes the technical requirements of certification for a Wi-SUN profile, namely Field Area Network (FAN) Profile.

There is a FAN Technical Profile Specification (TPS) recording all the technologies for FAN.

Your implementation must fulfill the requirements of this TPS.

The TPS is in revision 1v33 at the time this page was created (make sure you use the very latest one) and can be found in the Wi-SUN document management system (members only).

Also, for testing, there is a FAN Conformance Test Plan (CTP) that describes all the testing procedure for your implementation.

The test will be conducted in a third-party test lab, with your implementation as the device under test (DUT).

The CTP is now in revision v68 and can be found in the Wi-SUN document management system.

Fees and Documentation


There are two types of fees: testing fee and certification fee.

To conduct testing, you will need to engage a third-party test lab. The testing fee arrangement is between your company and the test lab. The Alliance is not involved in this arrangement. Fees vary depending on the test house, profile, and your product.

After submitting all the documents (including test reports from the test lab) for certification application, you will also need to pay a certification fee to the Alliance.

For PHY certification, the fee is USD $1,000 per product. For full profile certification (e.g. FAN profile), the certification fee is USD $3,000 per product.


Below are the documents required for certification application (templates are members’ only):

  1. Filled in and signed – Clause 7 of “Certification Testing Application”
  2. Filled in and signed – Clause 8 of “Application for Wi-SUN Certification”
  3. Brief introduction on product (1 to 2 slides of block diagram showing hardware and software distribution, protocol stack information)
  4. Filled in self-declaration letter (will be further explained)
  5. PICS and PIXIT (if applicable)
  6. Test reports from test labs
  7. Product pics (optional), product description (200~300 words), link to company product webpage

This Wi-SUN Alliance webinar provides an overview of the importance of certification and how to navigate the process to achieve Certification.

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