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Certification Tests

Wi-SUN Alliance® provides 2 levels of certification testing:  Physical Layer (PHY) Testing and Technical Profile Testing.  Both PHY Layer Testing and Technical Profile Testing are conducted on modules or products to ensure that the design meets the requirements of the certification test plan.

PHY Layer Testing

PHY Layer Testing is primarily aimed at silicon and module vendors.  PHY Layer Testing verifies that the device under test (DUT) complies with the necessary RF requirements and would be capable of passing corresponding Profile Layer Testing with the appropriate firmware loaded on the product.

There are currently 3 PHY Layer Testing Programs, which correspond to the related Technical Profile Specifications.  The following table shows the programs and which test labs are approved by Wi-SUN Alliance to provide certification testing services. 

Program Frequency Test Labs Supporting Program
PHY for HAN Profile JP (920-928MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland Japan, Allion Labs, JEMIC
PHY for FAN 1.0 Profile NA/BZ (902-928MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland North America, TUV Rheinland Japan, Allion Labs
NA, MX, BZ, AZ/NZ, PH, KR, MY, CN, HK, SG2, TH, VN, (902-928MHz) Allion Labs
EU1 (863-870MHz), EU2 (870-876MHz), IN (865-867MHz), SG1 (866-869MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland India
PHY for FAN 1.1 Profile NA/BZ (902-928MHz), JP (920-928MHz) TELEC
EU1 (863-870MHz), EU2 (870-876MHz), EU3 (863-876MHz), IN (865-868MHz), SG1 (866-869MHz) TELEC
PHY for JUTA Profile JP (920-928MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland Japan

Technical Profile Layer Testing

Primarily for module and product vendors.

Program Frequency Test Labs Supporting Program
HAN Route B JP (920-928MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland Japan, JEMIC
HAN (Enhanced HAN) JP (920-928MHz) TELEC, TUV Rheinland Japan, JEMIC
FAN 1.0 (Border Router and Router) NA/BZ (902-928MHz) Allion Labs, TELEC, Eldorado
NA, MX, BZ, AZ/NZ, PH, KR, MY, CN, HK, SG2, TH, VN (902-928MHz) Allion Labs, TELEC, El Dorado
JUTA JP (920-928MHz) TELEC

Test Facilities are provided by

Allion Labs, Inc.

9F, No.3-1,
Yuan Ku Street,
Taipei, Taiwan 11503 R.O.C.
(NanKang Software Park Bldg. G)

Phone: + 886-2-7722-8800
Website: http://www.allion.com/
Email: service@allion.com

Instituto de Pesquisas Eldorado

Av. Alan Turing, 275 – Cidade Universitária
Barão Geraldo
CEP: 13083-898 – Campinas/SP

Phone: +55 19 3757-3000
Website: https://www.eldorado.org.br/
Email: negocios@eldorado.org.br

Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation (JEMIC)


Phone: +81-3-3451-1181 
Fax: +81-3-3451-1364
Website: http://www.jemic.go.jp/
Email: cert@jemic.go.jp

TELEC Corporation

5-7-2 Yashio,
Tokyo 140-0003.

Phone: +81-3-3799-8327
Fax: +81-3-3790-7152
Website: https://www.telec.or.jp/eng/services/testing/wisun.html
Email: wisun@telec.or.jp

TUV Rheinland Japan Ltd.

Global Technology Assessment Center, 4-25-2 Kita-Yamata, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama 224-0021.

Phone: +81-45-914-0239
Website: http://www.jpn.tuv.com
Email: wi-sun@tuv.com

TUV Rheinland North America

1279 Quarry Lane,
Suite A,
CA 94544.

Phone: +1-925-249-9123
Mobile: +1-925-963-4420
Email: Sshelopal@us.tuv.com

TUV Rheinland (India) Pvt. Ltd.

27/B 2nd Cross,
Electronic City, Phase 1,
Bangalore – 560 100,
Karnataka, India.

Phone: +91 80 4649 8110/8000
Website: https://www.tuv.com/in
Email: raghavendra.kulkarni@ind.tuv.com

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