Certified Products

Wi-SUN CERTIFIEDTM is a seal of approval for products indicating that they have met industry-agreed standards for conformance and interoperability for one or more of the Wi-SUN AllianceTM Profiles.


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Wi-SUN Alliance has 2 levels of certification: Profile certification and PHY certification.  Profile certifications test conformance and interoperability of the upper layers in addition to the PHY. 


Current Profile certifications include:

  • Field Area Networks: FAN for large scale outdoor networks
  • Home Area Networks:
    • HAN Route B (specified by TEPCO for connection of Smart Meters to Home Energy Management Systems)
    • Enhanced HAN (supporting relay functionality)
    • Basic HAN (replaced by Enhanced HAN)
  • Wi-SUN Profile for JUTA (in collaboration with Japan Utility Telemetering Association)

PHY Certified Products

Wi-SUN Profile for JUTA

Certified Products

Wi-SUN CERTIFIED is a seal of approval for products indicating that they have met industry-agreed standards for conformance and interoperability for one or more of the Wi-SUN Alliance Profiles.

Wi-SUN CERTIFIED Products Types are currently PHY, ECHONET (ENET), or Test Equipment (TE).  The following products are certified.






Silver Spring Networks PHY GEN4 www.silverspringnet.com WSA0001
 NICT PHY  Hyper Wi-SUN 3  http://www.nict.go.jp WSA0002
 Lapis Semiconductors PHY  ML7396B evaluation board http://www.lapis-semi.com/en/semicon/telecom/ml7396x.html WSA0003
 NEC ENET  Smart Meter Communications Module  http://www.nec.com/ WSA0004
Keysight Technologies TE 920 MHz Measurement Solution  http://www.keysight.com/main/editorial.jspx?cc=JP&lc=jpn&ckey=2079517&id=2079517&cmpid=51069 WSA0005
TUV TE Wi-SUN PHY Test System  http://www.jpn.tuv.com  WSA0006
Anritsu TE Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer http://www.anritsu.com/en-us/products-solutions/products/ms2830a.aspx  WSA0007
Vector Signal Generator  http://www.anritsu.com/en-us/products-solutions/products/mg3710a.aspx
Toshiba  ENET  TOSHIBA 920MHz USB Adaptor with TOSHIBA Home Gateway  http://www.tlt.co.jp/tlt/english/products/index.htm WSA0008
 Renesas/ADI ENET  Renesas/ADI SUN Solution for RL78 & ADF7023-J  http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/rfif-transceivers/adf7023-j/products/product.html  WSA0009
 Rohm/Lapis  ENET  BP35A1 Module http://www.rohm.com/web/global/groups/-/group/groupname/Wireless%20Communication%20Modules  WSA0010
 Semtech  PHY  Wi-SUN Development Kit www.semtech.com  WSA0011
 Rohm/Lapis  ENET  BP35A1 Module  http://www.rohm.com/web/global/groups/-/group/groupname/Wireless%20Communication%20Modules WSA0012
Anritsu  TE 
Wi-SUN Protocol Tester, Wi-SUN MAC Conformance Test Software/Scenario, Network Emulator and Wi-SUN ENET Profile CT Scenario Package  
http://www.anritsu.com/ja-JP/Products-Solutions/Products/ME7051A.aspx  WSA0013
Keysight Technologies  ENET
Wi-SUN Protocol
Simulator, PS-X10-100 
http://www.keysight.com/main/editorial.jspx?cc=JP&lc=jpn&ckey=2079517&id=2079517&cmpid=51069  WSA0014
NEC Corporation   ENET  920M Communication

Unit for Smart Meter-1
http://www.nec.com/  WSA0015  
Renesas/ADI SUN
Solution for RL78 & ADF7023-J
http://www.analog.com/en/rfif-components/rfif-transceivers/adf7023-j/products/product.html   WSA0016  
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation  ENET  920MHz Radio Frequency Module (B Route), FS-897F  http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/  WSA0017  
NICT ENET Hyper Wi-SUN 3 http://www.nict.go.jp/


NICT ENET Hyper Wi-SUN 3 http://www.nict.go.jp/


Ad-Sol Nissin Corporation ENET 920MHZ Communication Module http://www.adniss.jp/


Nissin Systems ENET 920MHz USB Dongle http://www.co-nss.co.jp/products/middleware/ew-wsn.html


Satori Electric ENET LPR9202 Module http://www.satori.co.jp/


Fujitsu ENET Smart Meter Telecommunication Unit  


Rohm/Lapis ENET  BP35A1 Module http://www.rohm.com/web/global/groups/-/group/groupname/Wireless%20Communication%20Modules


Rohm/Lapis ENET  BP35A1 Module http://www.rohm.com/web/global/groups/-/group/groupname/Wireless%20Communication%20Modules


NEC corporation ENET 920MHz Communication Unit for Smart Meter http://www.nec.com


Oi Electric ENET  Smart Meter Communication Unit   


Toshiba  ENET  Smart Meter Communication Unit (920-920)   


Cisco/Texas Instruments
PHY  Cisco Connected Grid PHY   


For further information please contact Wi-SUN Alliance at info@wi-sun.org