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Cyber Security Certificates

The FAN Technical Profile Specification requires Wi-SUN FAN devices to contain device identity certificates issued from either a Wi-SUN Alliance (Wi-SUN) approved third party CA or a manufacturer CA. Wi-SUN will not provide PKI policy and procedure evaluation for manufacturer CAs. This is an issue to be addressed directly between the customer and manufacturer.

Both GlobalSign and WiseKEY operate a Wi-SUN FAN Third Party CA PKI – providing to members test IDevID certificates and production IDevID certificates. The Certificate Authority (CA) also is able to collaborate with members or member’s customers on an individual basis to deploy LDevID certificates into the FAN operating ecosystem.

Manufacturers looking to obtain test certificates or production certificates will follow these steps:

  1. Member company must be a Promoter or Contributor Member of Wi-SUN Alliance
  2. Member sends request for POWM (Proof of Wi-SUN Membership) to accounts@wi-sun.org.
  3. Wi-SUN will provide the POWM to Member and CA
  4. Member email wi-sun@wisekey.com or wi-sun@globalsign.com to request account creation and provide CA the POWM
  5. Manufacturer and CA will execute an agreement for services.
  6. Manufacturer will place PO for certificates/services, CA will finalize account setup and invoice manufacturer
  7. Manufacturer is now able to retrieve certificates through CA issuance services

A detailed description of this process and the necessary submission form are available to eligible member companies at the following links (login required):

  1. PKI Policy and Procedure document
  2. Test Certificate Guide:
  3. Test Certificate Request Form:

Please contact Wi-SUN (accounts@wi-sun.org), WISeKEY (wi-sun@wisekey.com) or GlobalSign (wi-sun@globalsign.com), if there are any questions.

*Please note that Wi-SUN is not responsible for the security of your Certification Authority