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Distribution Automation

Distribution Automation Solutions for Smart Utilities

Distribution automation is a variety of technologies ranging from sensors, processors, controllers, communication networks, software systems and more that allow utilities to manage energy transition.

DA gives a utility provider the ability to remotely monitor, control and manage the power distribution of the grid in real time. Power distribution automation can dramatically improve the speed, cost and accuracy of outages, maintenance issues, etc.

Today, uninterrupted operation of the entire grid with power distribution automation is the ultimate requirement for network operators and electricity suppliers.

WI-SUN FAN provides secure and reliable communication of distribution management and distribution automation SCADA data that lets you operate a dynamic and bi-directional distribution grid for better service and greater reliability.

Monitor and control switches, breakers, transformers, and other distribution equipment to improve problem identification, real-time decision making, and automated outage resolution, all of which increase customer up-time and reduce the cost of truck rolls.

Recover from storms, wildfires, floods, and other disasters faster with the Wi-SUN FAN self-healing mesh network that supports quick retrieval of last gasp and restoration alerts. Those alerts help utilities quickly and efficiently determine outage impact and leverage distribution automation devices to identify faults and restore power.

Automated voltage regulation enables utilities to reduce peak demands more efficiently. The ability to connect with meters and line sensors from across the distribution network reduces losses, helps manage voltage and balance load, and maintains high grid reliability and improves power quality for the growing digitized industry.

Benefits of Distribution Automation

Avoid customer interruption

Improve service reliability

Accelerate service restoration

Reduce truck rolls

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