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Please let us take this opportunity to welcome you as a new Wi-SUN Alliance participant. ​​

This page is to introduce you to the Wi-SUN Alliance Working Group activity and ​how to participate (please note the important steps below!). ​​

Any other employee of your company who wishes to participate can establish a website account and follow the below steps also.​​

Wi-SUN Alliance has a Marketing Committee, Technical Steering Committee and currently​ 8 Working Groups and an Interest Group. The groups meet regularly (usually once per week). ​

Unless otherwise stated, each group has an email reflector where all correspondence relating to ​Working Group activity is exchanged, including call announcements and notification of Working Group ​documents. Information on the scope of each Working Group is given on the website.​​

Important steps:

  • Please visit https://lists.wi-sun.org/listinfo for a list of mailing lists and subscription information.​
  • Working Group and Committee documents are stored in the Wi-SUN Document Management System. ​

A login is required to access the Working Group Directories. Please visit https://dms.wi-sun.org/htcomnet/Default.aspx?Register to set up a login; your account will usually be enabled within 24 hours.​​

We look forward to your participation and contributions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either our ​President, Phil Beecher, pbeecher@wi-sun.org, or myself, Rolf Bienert, rbienert@wi-sun.org.​

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If you have any questions, please submit your details here and we will be in touch.