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Getting Started With Wi-SUN FAN

Wi‑SUN Alliance® offers field area networks (FAN).


Field area networking provides a communications infrastructure for very large-scale outdoor networks. This infrastructure lets industrial devices such as smart meters and streetlights interconnect onto one common network. 

Wi-SUN FAN supports smart cities, smart utilities, IoT networks, and more. 

Field area networks are often the backbone of vital infrastructure that supports public safety, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and other critical activities. It’s important to start off right so that these projects are delivered as promised, on time and on budget. 

Follow the steps below to get started today. 

Step 1: Learn About Wi-SUN FAN

Wi-SUN FAN supports many applications, including

Much of what you need to know about Wi-SUN FAN is available on this website. Be sure to see these pages:

Step 2: Get the Wi-SUN FAN Specification

When you’re ready to start developing, you need to become an Adopter-level member to get access to the specifications.

Once you’re an Adopter member, you’ll have access to member-only resources, including the Wi-SUN FAN specification.

If you’re curious, you can learn more about member benefits and member fees.

Step 3: Buying Wi-SUN Products

To develop your own Wi-SUN FAN solutions, either to meet your own specific internal use case or to sell commercially, you’ll need the right equipment. 

Certified Wi-SUN communication modules are chipsets that handle the mesh networking communication at the heart of field area networks. Incorporate a communication module into your product and you’re ready to start networking. 

Network testers, or sniffers, help you diagnose, debug, and troubleshoot problems in your network. 

Today, Wi-SUN Alliance members offer hundreds of certified communications modules and end products that help you develop the solutions to meet your business case. 

You can browse our list of certified products. Each product listing includes a sales contact whom you can  contact with questions and to learn about the best way to purchase products in your market. 

For other inquiries, contact info@wi-sun.org.

Step 4: Certifying Your Wi-SUN Products

To sell a Wi-SUN FAN product you’ve created, you need to certify your product.  

To help speed your certification process, use a Wi-SUN FAN test bed controller to put your product through its paces for submitting it for certification. 

Testing with your own test bed controller helps you bring your high-quality, Wi-SUN conforming product to market faster with less cost. Learn more about the test bed controller.

To certify products, you must be a Contributor-level member of the Wi-SUN Alliance. (You can remain an Adopter-level member while developing your product.)

Step 5: Promoting Your Wi-SUN Membership and Certified Products

Once you’ve launched your certified product, it’s time to let the world know! Take advantage of these promotional activities: