Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter October 2020

Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter October 2020

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Wi-SUN Alliance

Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter
October 2020
Message from Phil Beecher, President & CEO

Dear Wi-SUN Alliance Community,

I hope everyone is staying safe and well. As we enter the last quarter of 2020, it seems appropriate to both reflect on the past several months as well as to look forward as we prepare for the New Year ahead.  

It was with great sorrow that I heard of the passing of Bob Heile.  Bob was Director of Standards for Wi-SUN Alliance from 2015 until 2019, during which time he worked with his usual energy and enthusiasm to promote Wi-SUN Alliance to a global audience. As chair of IEEE 802.15 and ZigBee Alliance, as well as with Wi-SUN Alliance, Bob was a key figure in the birth of the Internet of Things. He will be sadly missed.

This has been a challenging year for everyone, necessitating changes in business operations and working practices.  This has perhaps affected Wi-SUN Alliance activity less than most, as we conduct most of our technical activity remotely through teleconferences and email exchange, but it has meant that we were unable to hold either our Spring or Autumn Member Meeting.  On 20 October 2020 we will be holding a member webinar, in place of the Autumn face to face Member Meeting. This webinar is open to all Wi-SUN Alliance members and we will provide an update on our activities and the status of our technical working groups.  Wi-SUN Alliance members can register here.

I'd like to take the opportunity to welcome Hexing Electrical Co as a Promoter member of Wi-SUN Alliance, further widening our global presence.

It has become clear that Wi-SUN technology has an important part to play in delivering the automation required by changing working practices, by providing communications infrastructure for Smart Cities and Utilities. Wi-SUN Field Area Networks (FANs) are a key part of the foundational connectivity fabric needed to create more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous communities. For example, a Wi-SUN FAN mesh network deployed through networked street lighting, creates a citywide network canopy that not only provides intelligent street light control, but also enables a range of additional smart city and utility services. These services could include smart parking, traffic management, environmental sensors, electric vehicle charging stations, smart metering, water and gas leak detection and more. Wireless mesh field area networks provide reliable and resilient communications to connect and control mission-critical, real-time services. 

We hope you can join us on Oct. 27th for an upcoming webinar which will discuss the latest enhancements to Wi-SUN FAN 1.1, which include higher data rates supporting low latency applications and low energy consumption enabling battery powered devices such as water and gas meters. The webinar is open to all: registration is available here.

More highlights and updates can be found below.

Regards, Phil Beecher, President and CEO

Wi-SUN Members

Continuing growth in global membership over the last 12 months bringing us to approximately 250 members, representing 27 countries. A list of our members can be found here.

Key Highlights

The Wi-SUN Alliance announces further growth and strengthens global membership as Hexing increases its participation as a Promoter Member.

Be sure to join us for an upcoming webinar that will discuss the enhancements to Wi-SUN FAN 1.1.  Hear from Phil Beecher, President and CEO of Wi-SUN Alliance, Paul Duffy, Cisco Systems and Kunal Shah, Itron. To register please click here.

Join us for our Upcoming Virtual Member Meeting. Join our growing global Alliance and learn more about the expansion of our Wi-SUN FAN ecosystem and hear from industry leaders on the innovative ways Wi-SUN technology is being implemented. Wi-SUN Alliance members can register here.

Phil Beecher will present on the City of London at the virtual LuxLive event on Nov. 11th. For more information please visit: https://luxlive.co.uk/luxlive-programme-2020/project-uncovered-the-city-of-london

Member News

All About Circuits Podcast: The Wi-SUN-Powered Future of IoT Smart Cities with Renesas and Landis+Gyr :  https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/podcast/moores-lobby-ep-7-wi-sun-future-iot-smart-cities-renesas-landis-gyr/

UTC presentation: Building Distribution Automation Applications Including FLISR and Volt-VAR with Open Mesh Networking Standards : https://s23.a2zinc.net/clients/UTC/2020/Public/SessionDetails.aspx?FromPage=Sessions.aspx&SessionID=236&SessionDateID=11


Wi-SUN Alliance: Leading the Way to Interoperability.

Guest Blog: Q&A with Wi-SUN Alliance President & CEO Phil Beecher.

Wi-SUN in the News

Podcast with Rich Nass from Embedded Systems Design to discuss how the Wi-SUN Alliance was formed to develop testing and certification standards for connecting IoT networks. Learn More:  https://www.embedded-computing.com/home-page/embedded-executive-phil-beecher-president-wi-sun-alliance

All About Circuits: Wi-SUN: the New Wireless Standard Rivaling LoRaWAN and NB-IoT in Smart Cities- https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/news/wisun-new-wireless-standard-rivaling-lorawan-nb-iot-smart-cities/

Design News: Wi-SUN vs. Wi-Fi: The Wi-SUN Alliance platform supports smart cities and the energy grid, but does it interfere with traditional Wi-Fi? https://www.designnews.com/industry/wi-sun-vs-wi-fi

Smart and Sustainable City Podcast with Phil Beecher: President & CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance https://youtu.be/dlZ2tHXmVNw

The Urban Loop Wi-SUN Podcast:  https://www.theurbanloop.com/episode-23-phil-beecher/

Membership Opportunities

Wi-SUN Alliance membership is open to all companies. If you are interested in becoming a member and participating in the future of IIoT, you can find further information here.