Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter April 2021

Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter April 2021

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Wi-SUN Alliance

Wi-SUN Alliance Newsletter
April 2021
Message from Phil Beecher, President & CEO

Dear Wi-SUN Alliance Community,

The last 12 months have been very challenging for businesses and individuals alike, but with an ever increasing global rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, I hope that we can look forward to the beginning of economic recovery.  

Despite the impact of the pandemic, Wi-SUN Alliance has seen sustained interest and new members over the last 12 months from across the globe; we now have more than 300 member companies in 46 countries. We remain optimistic for another strong year as we engage on the next phase of our development as a community. To read more please click here.

As we continue our mission to deliver interoperable products, Wi-SUN Alliance member companies have collaborated in a demonstration showcasing a multi-vendor Wi-SUN Field Area Network (FAN). The demonstration features certified products from multiple vendors operating in a Wi-SUN FAN network.  Please watch the video here.

We continue to see growth in our range of certified products, which have now exceeded 200, including an increasing number of Wi-SUN FAN certified products (now more than 40 products from 18 companies).

Opportunities to participate in exhibitions and conferences have been limited, but at the beginning of March we were a silver partner of India Smart Utility Week, a virtual conference and exhibition. In addition to speaking on a panel discussion about India’s smart meter program, Wi-SUN Alliance had a virtual booth providing further information on Wi-SUN FAN, an ideal communications technology for smart metering in India.  We expect Wi-SUN FAN solutions to provide secure and resilient infrastructure to support the rollout of more than 250 million meters across India.   

We are pleased to collaborate with Wi-SUN Alliance Promoter member Silicon Labs on a panel discussion as part of Smart Cities Connect, a virtual event scheduled for April 13-14. For more information please visit: https://spring.smartcitiesconnect.org/

Looking forward, we are making good progress with the next phase of Wi-SUN FAN.  Wi-SUN FAN 1.1 delivers higher data rates with lower latency, enhancing performance for Distribution Automation applications, as well as providing a certification program for battery-powered devices supporting applications such as gas and water metering, environmental monitoring, traffic sensing and parking management.

To learn more about these advancements and other insights within the Alliance please be sure to join us for our next virtual member meeting on April 20, 2021. This webinar is open to all Wi-SUN Alliance members and we will provide an update on our activities and the status of our technical working groups. Registration details can be found below under Upcoming Events.

Finally, I'd like to thank all our member companies and the individuals who have continued to work hard in most difficult circumstances. I look forward to meeting everyone again when we have the opportunity to hold in-person events. In the meantime, please stay safe!

More highlights and updates can be found below.

Regards, Phil Beecher, President and CEO

Wi-SUN Members

Continuing growth in global membership over the last 12 months bringing us to 300 members, representing 46 countries. A list of our members can be found found here.


India Smart Utility Week: a virtual event held on March 2-5, Wi-SUN Alliance was a silver partner of the event. In addition to a virtual booth, Phil Beecher participated on a panel session about the Smart Meter Rollout in India.

Smart Cities Connect: Wi-SUN Alliance and Silicon Labs will be hosting a panel discussion on Smart City communications at Smart Cities Connect, a virtual event to be held April 13-14. For more information please visit: https://spring.smartcitiesconnect.org/

Virtual Member Meeting: Join us for our Upcoming Virtual Member Meeting on April 20. Join our growing global Alliance and learn more about the expansion of our Wi-SUN FAN ecosystem and hear from industry leaders on the innovative ways Wi-SUN technology is being implemented. All Wi-SUN Alliance members are welcome, please visit here for further information and registration

Member News

Be sure to view our latest video: Delivering interoperability with Wi-SUN FAN certified devices here.

ROHM Module Casts Confidence on Wi-SUN FAN, the New Long-range Protocol on the Block: ROHM has developed a Wi-SUN FAN module with the promise of increased reliability and security in LPWA mesh networks. Please click here for more information.

Wi-SUN connected lights demo for smart cities: Experience the benefits of using a Wi-SUN FAN mesh network to connect streetlights by watching this demo from Texas Instruments filmed in Oslo, Norway. To watch please click here.

Landis + Gyr, the future of smart grid is Wi-SUN: https://training.ti.com/connect-landis-gyr-future-smart-grid-wi-sun


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Membership Opportunities

Wi-SUN Alliance membership is open to all companies. If you are interested in becoming a member and participating in the future of IIoT, you can find further information here.