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Patent Disclosures & Licensing Declarations


This page lists any Wi-SUN Alliance IPR Disclosure and Licensing Declarations that have been submitted to inform the Wi-SUN Alliance of a) patent or patent application information regarding a Wi-SUN Alliance document or contribution listed in Section 4, and b) an IPR Holder’s intention with respect to the licensing of its necessary patent claims. No actual license is implied by submission of these declarations.

According to section 2 of the Wi-SUN Alliance IPR policy, each Member is required to disclose Member’s Necessary Claims relating to the applicable Proposed Specifications or Adopted Specifications. The member company shall use the Wi-SUN Alliance Patent Disclosure form (https://wi-sun.org/assets/docs/Wi-SUN_Alliance_Patent_Disclosure_v1.pdf) and submit the filled in and signed document to patents@wi-sun.org.

Submissions to date (click company name to download):