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First Wi-SUN FAN Certification Lab Opens in Brazil

ELDORADO Institute and Wi-SUN Alliance have recently announced the first laboratory in the Americas authorized to test and certify products designed for Wi-SUN FAN.

This is exciting news as the adoption of Wi-SUN FAN technology continues to grow in the region, particularly in Brazil where we are seeing a big push towards smart city development. There’s a clear demand for a network standard that favors the development of large-scale networks, especially from energy and utility companies.

Wi-SUN FAN has already been chosen by the main Brazilian utilities, CPFL and Copel, thanks to its interoperability, scalability, superior levels of security and because of the strength of our global membership, which ensures flexibility in the deployment of IoT-based networks.

The new facility will be housed within the Institute’s facilities in Campinas, São Paulo, with resources to carry out tests and approve equipment developed to operate with Wi-SUN FAN, including mission-critical applications for key energy, water, and gas services.

It’s the result of more than two years of hard work between Wi-SUN Alliance and ELDORADO who will operate it as an approved test lab facility for companies in Brazil and Latin America but will also open it up to testing products from other countries.

Having a local testing facility will streamline the approval process for companies working on smart city and smart utilities projects using connected devices. But the entire ecosystem of utilities and service providers benefit in terms of the scalability and reliability of open standards based wireless solutions for IoT devices.

ELDORADO Institute is a highly respected non-profit organization and has been at the heart of research and development and innovation in Brazil for over 22 years. It works with both national and international companies and operates four facilities – in Brasília, Campinas, Porto Alegre and Manaus.

ELDORADO works with an Open Innovation process, promoting ideas, research and solutions to help increase productivity, efficiency, and time-to-market. In recent years, it has diversified into markets including Energy, Agrobusiness, Oil & Gas, Health, Automotive, etc., and developed a reputation for working with emerging technologies, such as IoT, big data, analytics, augmented reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

More information on ELDORADO Institute visit: https://www.eldorado.org.br/