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Wi-SUN Alliance Releases its Field Area Network Specification


Wi-SUN Alliance Releases its Field Area Network Specification

FAN solution delivers superior long-range, secure networking for Smart City and Smart Grid applications using open standards


MORGAN HILL, California, May 16, 2016 The Wi-SUN Alliance today announced the release of its specification for Field Area Networks (FAN). The specification brings interoperable, multi-vendor Smart Ubiquitous Networks (SUN) to enterprise, service providers and municipalities needing a superior, open standards based networking solution for applications ranging from advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation, to infrastructure management, intelligent transportation systems and smart street lighting.

“The release of the Wi-SUN FAN specification comes at an ideal time, with utilities and municipalities worldwide needing the best solution for integrated applications designed for smart grids and smart cities,” said Wi-SUN’s Chairman, Phil Beecher. “Using the Wi-SUN Alliance FAN delivers the performance they require and a wide choice of interoperable products and solutions from multiple vendors.”

Wi-SUN’s Director of Standards, Bob Heile, who is also chair of IEEE 802.15, IEEE 2030.5 on Smart Energy and the IEEE 2030 SmartGrid Guide Communications Task Force, agrees. “As the industry need for Smart City and robust, secure IoT deployments grows, it becomes increasingly necessary to move away from closed, proprietary protocols to solutions using open internationally recognized standards. The Wi-SUN FAN solution is ideal for these applications, providing multi-vendor interoperable, multi-service and secure IPv6 communications over an IEEE 802.15.4g based wireless mesh network.”

The Wi-SUN Alliance FAN solution utilizes IEEE 802.15.4gTM , a global wireless communications standard, IETF IPv6 protocols including UDP/TCP, 6LoWPAN adaptation + header compression, routing using RPL and IEEE 802.1x enterprise level security, to enable robust, high performance, low power and long-range networks. A certification program will be available later this year to ensure full multi-vendor interoperability.

Smart Ubiquitous Networks (SUN)

Wi-SUN Alliance SUN solutions provide resilient, secure, cost effective and energy friendly wireless-mesh connectivity, with superior coverage in a range of topographical environments, from dense urban neighborhoods to rural areas, with minimal additional infrastructure. Rather than use networks intended for indoor applications, the Wi-SUN solution set uniquely targets the much more demanding needs of Utilities, Smart Cities and Infrastructure Management and Control including support for both resource rich as well as resource limited devices.

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About the Wi-SUN Alliance

The Wi-SUN Alliance is a non-profit association of over 100 member companies representing world leaders in product and semiconductor manufacturing, utilities, government agencies and educational establishments, devoted to promoting the broad global use of wireless networking solutions utilizing IEEE 802.15.4g communications and other open global standards, for use in Smart Utility, Smart City, and other IoT applications requiring robust Field Area Networking (FAN) capability. Membership in the Wi-SUN Alliance is open to all industry stakeholders. For more information, please visit: www.wi-sun.org.

The Wi-SUN CERTIFIED™ program was launched in January 2014. Today there are nearly 100 certified products in the market. The program continues to provide a widely recognized designation of interoperability and quality, and it helps to ensure that Wi-SUN enabled products deliver the best user experience. The Wi-SUN Alliance product certification program enables the expanded use of interoperable products and services in new and established markets.

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