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Wi-SUN Alliance and DLMS User Association Begin Collaboration

Wi-SUN Alliance and DLMS User Association Begin Collaboration
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MORGAN HILL, Calif., Dec. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Wi-SUN Alliance and the DLMS User Association have embarked upon a collaboration to ensure seamless interoperability of solutions carrying DLMS/COSEM applications over Wi-SUN communications networks. A joint working session of the two groups was held at MSZT (Magyar Szabványügyi Testület, Hungarian Standards Institute) in Budapest recently to create a scope of work and deliverables that will further enable Smart Utility, Smart City and Industrial IoT services.  The two organizations executed a memorandum of understanding for this effort in a ceremony at European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam.

The joint efforts will include a technical review of the DLMS UA Blue, Green and Yellow Books and Wi-SUN Technical Profile Specifications.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate the joint promotion of assured interoperable solutions utilizing the DLMS/COSEM and Wi-SUN technologies together.  Both organizations have established robust and globally recognized certification programs to support this goal.

“Through the integration of DLMS/COSEM, the most widely deployed metering protocol in the world, and Wi-SUN, a communications technology with tens of millions of connected devices, this collaboration represents a major step forward in the global adoption of a standardised ecosystem for Smart Utilities and Smart Cities,” says Phil Beecher, President, Wi-SUN Alliance.

“With key stakeholders from both the Wi-SUN Alliance and the DLMS UA working together, we will further strengthen the value proposition and business model for those deploying Smart Utility and Smart City solutions. This will extend the scope of DLMS/COSEM as a versatile, communication media-independent data model and rich application layer protocol,” says Gyözö Kmethy, President of the DLMS UA.

About the Wi-SUN Alliance

The Wi-SUN Alliance is a global non-profit member-based association comprised of industry leading companies. Its mission is to drive the global proliferation of interoperable wireless solutions for use in smart cities, smart grids and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications using open global standards from international standards organisations, such as IEEE802, IETF, TIA, TTC and ETSI. With more than 170 members worldwide, membership of the Wi-SUN Alliance is open to all industry stakeholders and includes silicon vendors, product vendors, services providers, utilities, universities, enterprises and municipalities and local government organisations.

For more information, please visit: www.wi-sun.org.

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About the DLMS User Association

The DLMS User Association is an independent not-for-profit standards development association domiciled in Zug, Switzerland. It has 300+ members worldwide including leading utilities, manufacturers and system integrators.  It is responsible for the global promotion and support of the DLMS/COSEM specification as the protocol for smart meter data exchange, to foster the operation of energy markets, facilitate energy efficiency and improve business efficiency for energy market players. The Association proudly celebrated its 20th birthday this year at European Utility Week 2017 in Amsterdam.

For more information, please visit: www.dlms.com

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