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First wave of members to successfully complete interoperability testing and achieve Wi-SUN FAN Certification announced

San Ramon, CA –February 04, 2019 – The Wi-SUN Alliance, a global ecosystem of member companies seeking to accelerate the implementation of open standards-based Field Area Networks (FAN) and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that the first wave of members have successfully completed interoperability testing to become the first solutions to achieve Wi-SUN FAN certification.

“Standards and interoperability are key to continued growth for the IoT industry,” says Phil Beecher, President and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance. “The availability of certified Wi-SUN FAN solutions delivers on our mission to offer utilities, cities and service providers adaptable multi-service networks that will help ensure interoperability today and for future generations.”

The solutions from Cisco, Itron, Nissin Systems, Kyoto University, Landis+Gyr, Renesas and ROHM address the needs of utilities, city developers and other service providers to simplify and support large-scale, outdoor networks for smart cities, smart utilities and other IoT rollouts.

Wi-SUN FAN is a communications infrastructure for very large-scale networks, enabling many devices to interconnect on one common network. All Wi-SUN certified products were rigorously tested by Allion Test Labs in Taiwan, the first test lab to achieve Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 validation, to ensure the devices worked together effortlessly and securely to ensure rapid time to market. Upon successful test completion, approved products are permitted to display the Wi-SUN Certified FAN logo, which indicates to users that these products are compliant with open standards, interoperable, secure and scalable and can be deployed with confidence. To learn more about Wi-SUN product certification, please visit https://wi-sun.org.

Wi-SUN FAN Certified Products:

Cisco:  Achieved the very first Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 certification with its IR509 WPAN Industrial Router, which will be deployed into a diverse set of Internet of Things applications including: smart metering, smart grids, distribution automation, supervisory control and data acquisition, and street lighting. Dedicated to the Wi-SUN program, Cisco has contributed multiple test bed units for the Wi-SUN FAN certification program.

Itron: The Wi-SUN FAN certified Itron Bridge5-WS is a key component of the Itron Network platform that enables cities and utilities to cost-effectively integrate industrial IoT and utility control and monitoring devices onto a secure, reliable and open standards-based Wi-SUN FAN. With this certification, Itron continues its long-time leadership in the Wi-SUN Alliance leading up to this milestone, including significant contributions to the development of the FAN Technical Profile, Compliance Test Plan and Test Bed.

Nissin Systems, Kyoto University, and ROHM: Collaborated on the development of the EW-WSN BP35C4, which has achieved Wi-SUN FAN certification. The EW-WSN BP35C4 is a multi-purpose module compliant with Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 router with a UART interface. It is easy to integrate in smart utilities and various IoT devices.

Landis+Gyr: The N550 Network Node is an integral part of Gridstream® Connect, the industry leading utility IoT solution that delivers flexibility for applications such as AMI, distribution automation, consumer engagement, smart cities, DER integration and more. For more information please visit: https://www.landisgyr.com/solution/gridstream-connect/

ProCubed: Provided test tools for the certification testing environment including:
1) ProShark Plus (Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 Protocol Analyzer), 2) Test Bed Controller (Pro-Si-SUN FAN1.0-915-TBC

Renesas: Selected to provide one of the interoperability test bed units for the Wi-SUN FAN certification program and achieved Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 certification with its RF (RAA604S00)+ MCU (RX651) wireless solution.

Be sure to visit us at DistribuTECH 2019
The Wi-SUN Alliance will showcase Wi-SUN FAN certified solutions from Cisco, Itron, Landis+Gyr, Nissin Systems and Renesas at DistribuTECH 2019 in booth 11225.

Join the Wi-SUN Alliance and utilities Hawaiian Electric, Xcel Energy and Avangrid for the Smart City/IoT panel session: Field Area Networks Support Utility and Smart City Initiatives on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. in rooms 280-282. Panelists will discuss how FANs are becoming a vital component in the creation of smart cities.

Also don’t miss the Expanding the Grid Knowledge Hub on the exhibit floor booth 12031 scheduled for Thursday, February 7thfrom 10:00 AM -11:00 AM. Iker Urrutia from Iberdrola will discuss interoperability applied to smart metering and how Wi-SUN technology is the communication protocol chosen to address the challenge for an upcoming project in the state of New York. Phil Beecher, President and CEO of the Wi-SUN Alliance will provide an overview of the Wi-SUN Alliance organization, the specification for Field Area Networks, and an update on certification status, technical collaborations with other organizations, and plans for the future.

About the Wi-SUN Alliance
The Wi-SUN Alliance is a global non-profit member-based association made up of industry leading companies. Its mission is to drive the global proliferation of interoperable wireless solutions for use in smart cities, smart grids and other Internet of Things (IoT) applications using open global standards from organizations, such as IEEE802, IETF, TIA, TTC and ETSI. With more than 200 members worldwide, membership of the Wi-SUN Alliance is open to all industry stakeholders and includes silicon vendors, product vendors, services providers, utilities, universities, enterprises and municipalities and local government organizations.

For more information, please visit: www.wi-sun.org.

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