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Our Vision

In 2011, a group of visionary leaders

came together to form a global organization that could drive the adoption of Interoperable Smart Utility Networks, as described by IEEE® 802.15.4g.

Wi-SUN Alliance is that organization.

Today, energy conservation, automated metering controls, and monitoring requirements are top priorities for progressive cities and communities around the world, and internet-based controls and monitoring strategies are gaining momentum. But much more work remains to be done to identify and articulate the common goals that will help Utility companies and Municipalities to optimize sophisticated and cost-saving energy controls.

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Seamless Connectivity

Wi-SUN Alliance members are leading this challenge by driving new Smart Ubiquitous IoT Network applications, such as Smart Cities and Smart Utilities, and products through a shared perspective on interoperability that is so crucial to advancing “seamless connectivity.” 

Our Mission

Wi-SUN Alliance seeks to advance seamless connectivity by promoting IEEE 802.15.4g standard based interoperability for global regional markets. Key aspects of its mission include:

  • Provide a forum for global collaboration to achieve Smart City and Smart Utility Communications Network Interoperability
  • Grow the Wi-SUN Ecosystem
  • Lead industry growth based on IEEE 802.15.4g  technology specifications and programs
  • Support industry-agreed standards
  • Deliver great product connectivity through a robust testing and certification program