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WSA0187 – Cisco IR529WP-915S/K9 FAN

The Cisco® IR529 Resilient Mesh Range Extenders provide unlicensed 902-928 MHz ISM band IEEE 802.15.4g/e RF mesh communications to enable a diverse set of Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA), and smart city wireless sensor networks. These platforms provide enterprise-class RF connectivity to other Cisco Field Area Network (FAN) infrastructure devices such as CGR 1000 routers, IR509 DA gateways, and Cisco IoT partner endpoint devices, including industrial wireless sensors and electricity. In addition, the IR529 Range Extenders withstand harsh environments and are purpose built to be installed on pole mounts in demanding outdoor environments.

IR529 range extenders provide a cost-effective means for extending the coverage area of RF mesh networks so that more IPv6 endpoints can connect to Cisco’s mesh network across greater distances and challenging RF environments. These devices take full advantage of Cisco world-class networking technologies. The IR529 Series Range Extenders offer innovative capabilities in IPv6, self-healing mesh networking, end-to-end security, standards-based solutions for legacy protocol transport, network management, and ease of deployment.

FAN (Router)

Product Certificate – FAN-WSA0187

Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS):  contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features

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