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WSA 0345 – EFR32FG25

Sales contact – abitzen.xavier@silabs.com

Company website – https://www.silabs.com/

EFR32FG25 wireless solutions combine an energy-friendly microcontroller (MCU) with a highly integrated radio transceiver supporting Wi-SUN, sub-GHz and proprietary modulation schemes including Wi-SUN MROFDMMCS0-6 (all 4 options),802.15.4 SUN MROQ PSK with DSSS, Wi-SUN FSK, 2(G) FSK with fully configurable shaping, (G) MSK. Our solution provides industry-leading energy efficiency, ultra-fast wake up times and extensive MCU features. The devices are well suited for systems requiring high performance, low energy consumption and operation up to 125ºC.

PHY (FAN 1.1) – 800 MHz


Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS): contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features


Supported Data Rate Modes (with reference to PHY TPS):
• FSK PhyModeID 1 (operating mode #1a)
• FSK PhyModeID 3 (operating mode #2a)
• FSK PhyModeID 5 (operating mode #3)
• FSK PhyModeID 6 (operating mode #4a)
• FSK PhyModeID 8 (operating mode #5)
• OFDM PhyModeID 84
• OFDM PhyModeID 85
• OFDM PhyModeID 86