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WSA 0346 – R9A06G062GNP Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Evaluation Kit

Sales Contact – toshiya.uozumi.pv@renesas.com

Company website  http://www.renesas.com/

RTK0EE0013D10002BJ (R9A06G062GNP Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Evaluation Kit) consists of R9A06G062GNP transceiver supporting IEEE 802.15.4-2020 and Wi-SUN FAN1.1, and RX65N microcontroller with 640KB RAM and Enhanced security.
This product is useful for IoT markets such as Smart meter, Smart city, Digital signage, and Environmental condition monitoring system, and contributes to reducing the user’s design workload by more than 30%.

PHY (FAN 1.1) 800 Mhz


Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS): contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features


Supported Data Rate Modes (with reference to PHY TPS):
• FSK PhyModeID 1 (operating mode #1a)
• FSK PhyModeID 3 (operating mode #2a)
• FSK PhyModeID 5 (operating mode #3)
• FSK PhyModeID 6 (operating mode #4a)
• OFDM PhyModeID 84
• OFDM PhyModeID 85
• OFDM PhyModeID 86