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WSA0242 – Hurricane

Sales contact: juan.camacho@andrea.fr

Andrea informatique has been working since long in the smart metering and smart grid sectors and has developed its own solutions for Power Line Communications and Radio Frequency. In this context, it was normal in Andrea’s strategy, to design and implement a Wi-SUN soft solution. Presently, Andrea Informatique has successfully achieved Hurricane, our Wi-SUN soft modem solution. Hurricane is based on the Wi-SUN FAN technology. Hurricane is a soft modem having an excellent business model. Indeed, the entire stack runs on the application microcontroller and needs only the radio transceiver. Indeed, Hurricane is a hardware reference design and a compact and smart library running in the application microcontroller. This approach has big advantages; to reduce the complexity during the hardware device design, to facilitate the maintenance (firmware upgrade), to get a big flexibility to move the solution to other microcontrollers, to have a better control of the firmware of the device, etc. Hurricane is showing its adaptability to the market; indeed, the market is imposing new rules with heavy constraints and forces all actors to review their strategies to optimize costs. Hurricane is contributing in this strategy.


Product Certificate

Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS):  contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features


Company website https://www.andrea.fr/products/hurricane/