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WSA0289 – Replaceable meter module – ChintNet-WS01

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Chint’s AMI solution based on Wi-SUN communication technology has three characteristics: Interoperability, Ubiquitous & Scalable, and Security. The solution is based on the open specifications of IEEE 802.15.4g, IEEE 802 and IETF IPv6 standards, and has ultra-high scalability. Normally, distance and speed cannot be achieved at the same time, but Wi-SUN can be deployed in a separate area or complement other IoT technologies through the integration of Mesh networking and active frequency hopping technology, reducing overall deployment and operating costs. The farthest transmission distance between nodes is up to 10 kilometers, and it has a 24-level network of anti-interference long-distance jump. The maximum communication rate of Wi-SUN 1.0 in FSK mode can reach 300 Kbps, and the OFDM mode of Wi-SUN 1.1 in the future can reach 2.4 Mbps. It is a solution with wide coverage, low service cost and low energy consumption.
This solution has been applied to Chint’s Altitude series of smart meters, and with Chint’s self-developed PowerEasy2.0 system, it can further help customers achieve automatic registration of terminal metering devices, automatic alarm reporting, remote upgrades, remote control and other requirements. Chint is working hard to make the power grid smarter.

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