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WSA0302 – Network Router

Sales Contact –  Jonathan Staab  jonathan.staab@landisgyr.com

Company website – https://www.landisgyr.com.au


Landis+Gyr’s Series 6 Network Node (N651) is key to building a single, integrated IoT network for your utility future. The Series 6 Network Node is a fully-functional, Network Interface Card (NIC) that is mPCIe standard-enabled with dual-band capability to allow simple network and sensor device integration. This is foundational to Landis+Gyr’s industry-leading IoT networking solution, Gridstream® Connect. With proven Wi-SUN FAN interoperability, the Series 6 Network Node provides utilities with the flexibility to scale their IoT platform to meet growing customer demand, while strengthening and extending the network to integrate with existing AMI or DA networking equipment and third-party IoT devices.


FAN (Router)

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Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS):  contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features