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WSA0315 – CMT2310A-EQR

Sales Contact –  Lucia Zhao sales@hoperf.com

Company Website – https://www.hoperf.com/

The CMT2310A is an ultra-low power, high-performance, OOK / 2(G)FSK / 4(G)FSK based RF transceiver, applicable to various applications within the 113 – 960 MHz frequency band. The product is part of the CMOSTEK NextGenRF TM product family which covers a complete product line consisting of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. The high-density integration of CMT2310A simplifies the required BOM in system design. With Tx power reaching +20 dBm and sensitivity reaching -122 dBm, it can achieve optimized performance of application RF links. Through providing multiple data packet formats and code methods, this product ensures the flexible supporting of various applications. Besides, the CMT2310A provides functions such as 128-byte Tx/Rx FIFO, multiple GPIO and interrupt configurations, Duty-Cycle mode, LBT(listen before talk), high-precision RSSI, LBD, power on reset, low-frequency clock output, quick frequency hopping, squelch, etc., which allows more flexible application design and gains more product differentiation capability.



Product Certificate

Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS):  contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features