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Smart Agriculture

Smart Sensor Solutions for Smart Agriculture

Wi-SUN FAN technology is ideally suited to outdoor IoT networks as it offers a good range and an ability to support dense networks typically found in urban areas. However, the range and reliability of Wi-SUN FAN network technology means it is also well suited to applications such as smart agriculture.

The use of IoT in agriculture (smart agriculture or smart farming) has become increasingly important in recent years for several reasons. On one hand, there is a growing need to increase productivity due to limited resources, but this has to be balanced against the environmental risks and damage caused by intensive farming in rural areas.  The use of technology helps in both these requirements.  

Wi-SUN technology aims to enable a non-proprietary approach to smart agriculture applications.

Agriculture for the 21st Century

Agriculture, like many other aspects of the modern world, can benefit tremendously from the adoption of IoT.

Traditional farming can benefit from improvements in yield, reduction in waste and the reduction of impact of the environment. Modern farming techniques would not be possible without the adoption of IoT technologies.

Key to the success of all aspects is the availability of inexpensive, reliable sensors and controls that are easy to install and use and require minimum maintenance.  The diversity of application areas and expertise make it essential that devices are built to meet open standards, and use proven and resilient technology communications

Benefits of Smart Agriculture

Low maintenance costs

Less pollution and runoff

Reduced energy consumption

Accurate weather monitoring

Learn More About Smart Agriculture

Wi-SUN technology is being implemented for several types of agriculture applications.

IoT in Rural Agriculture

IoT technology in farming is being used to monitor and control moisture levels in the soil, livestock management, ensuring the health and well-being of animals, and crop management.

Marine cropped

IoT in Marine Agriculture

IoT technology is used to monitor the status of our oceans and provides an early warning if something is not right that could be affecting their resources and sustainability.   

IoT in Greenhouse Productions

IoT technology helps automate environmental control within greenhouses to ensure maximum crop yields with best efficiency.

IoT in Vertical Farming

High density farming methods such as vertical farming would not be feasible without IoT technology, which can be used to control lighting and temperature, irrigation, and nutrients.

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