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Smart Lighting Solutions for Smart Cities

Municipalities worldwide are discovering  how intelligent city infrastructure networks reduce their network costs while improving street light efficiency and citizen safety.

The Wi-SUN Alliance is a global industry alliance driving the proliferation of interoperable wireless solutions for use in smart cities, smart communities, smart utilities, and other IoT applications. There is a growing need for improved operational efficiencies and cost reduction, which is leading to a rapid growth in a number of smart city applications.

Wi-SUN technology is making day-to-day smart city applications for municipalities more efficient. Smart city street lighting is a key application area becoming a major financial contributor for municipalities as well as providing energy savings because the return on investment can be seen quickly.

Wi-SUN technology aims to enable a non-proprietary approach to smart city applications.

Managing a City Today Can Be Challenging

In addition to the financial benefits in energy and maintenance, city managers need to provide improved safety, convenience and maintain the city aesthetics to attract and retain residents, businesses and visitors, helping to boost the economy.

Using Wi-SUN FAN as the underlying network technology enables secure wireless connectivity for a broad range of applications within in the smart city, using the smart street lighting network as the canopy for interconnection.  Smart city lighting solutions for public spaces include a wide range of uses including: streets and highways, pedestrian walkways, cycle paths, landmark illumination (such as bridges and historic buildings), bus stops, parks and parking lots.

In addition there is a growing number of follow through applications, which can be managed from connectivity into the same communications network, e.g. smart parking, pollution monitoring, traffic flow management, smart signage etc.

For municipalities, implementing Wi-SUN technology enables the highest level of security and has been proven in some of the world’s largest outdoor IoT networks with support from many of our members. To view all our members’ Wi-SUN certified solutions, please visit our certified products pages.

Benefits of Smart Lighting

Improved energy efficiency

Low maintenance costs

Less light pollution

Reduced energy consumption

Accurate weather monitoring

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