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Smart Gas Metering

Smart Gas Metering Solutions for Smart Utilities

A smart meter is a device that provides two-way communication between the customer and the energy provider. Smart meters have become an integral part of the energy infrastructure by creating a remote management system that provides more accurate and real time information to power companies.

Smart gas meters have become an essential asset within a smart city for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The use of natural gas has been essential for cooking, heating and hot water production.

Smart gas meters help industrial customers such as manufacturing plants track their consumption and recognize if there is any wastage and leakage.

A facilities team will have the ability to check gas consumption during off-office hours, as well as for leakages, and will have the ability to address them quickly resulting in greater control over energy usage.

Smart gas meters based on Wi-SUN FAN technology are highly adaptable, stable, and reliable in various network environments, which ensures efficient data transmission and effective device management.

Smart meters are not the same as automatic meter reading (AMR). The remote reading of electric meters has existed for some time, but it wasn’t two-way and these older devices do not provide the same smart meter features. 

Wi-SUN technology provides a high level of reliability, security, and low power consumption. It can perform various functions such as measuring energy usage, monitoring the device’s status, and transmitting data.

The Wi-SUN Alliance is working on the next phase of its specification program with Wi-SUN FAN 1.1, providing support for a wider range of IoT applications, and services, and for an increasing number of global markets. Wi-SUN FAN 1.1 introduces support for battery-powered devices, with up to 20 years operating battery life. This capability is ideal for applications such as gas and water metering, environmental monitoring, traffic sensing, parking management and weather sensors.

Benefits of Smart Gas Metering

Avoid customer interruption

Remote leak detection and shut off

Improve service reliability

Accelerate service restoration

Reduce truck rolls

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