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Smart Grid Solutions for Smart Utilities

Having optimal communication in a smart grid is an absolute must to guarantee connectivity to other grid elements as well as having a secure and reliable connection. Smart grid technology continues to be an important area of focus for the power industry as it continues to provide a more secure, efficient, reliable and sustainable distribution of energy.

Today’s utility smart grids surpass previous one-way data collection networks by providing two-way, command-and-control communication between utilities and a universe of various sense-and-respond devices in the field.

Smart grids provide an enhanced security layer as well as advanced monitoring and control technology to better balance the supply and demand of electricity. This helps to reduce the need for expensive power generation leading to lower costs for consumers.

As the demand for utility services grows, Wi-SUN technology is transforming the way that smart grids operate.

It produces a mesh network that enables future-proof scalability and reliability for numerous applications.

Streetlights, smart meters, electricity distribution and EV charging can all be part of the same network.

In addition to consumption information, electricity and gas meters can now communicate safety, tampering, outage, and other important categories of information. They can receive commands to stop, start, or limit service based on account status or energy demand, as well. 

Today renewable energy sources like solar and wind are being integrated into the grid. Countries around the world are committed to reducing their carbon emissions to help with climate change.

Smart grids also support communication with demand management devices, distributed and renewable energy resources, distribution automation devices, and even devices inside homes and businesses.

Utilities can detect and isolate problems in the grid much faster now than with traditional grids, which reduces the number of power outages. This can help consumers to manage their energy usage more effectively.

Benefits of Smart Grids

Increased customer choice and service

Improved reliability

Support conservation and efficiency

Disaster resilience and recovery

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