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Smart Utilities

Smart Utility Networks

Smart utilities continue to be driven by smart metering technology and the IoT.   Smart meters are the key piece in smart utilities management as they are used in residential, commercial and industrial environments to monitor a range of services including electricity, water and gas. The data collected in real time through connected devices and systems make it possible to gain key insights into customer usage patterns, identify waste as well as detect issues before they become major. Being able to make  early discoveries can optimize distribution, which in return means savings for customers.

Smart utilities will continue to change the face of energy consumption with advancements in technology that will modernize the grid  in ways to  be smarter and more resilient.

How Wi-SUN is Making
Utilities Smarter

Wi-SUN technology is bringing Smart Utility Networks to enterprises, service providers and municipalities by enabling interoperable, multi-service and secure IPv6 communications over an IEEE 802.15.4g  based wireless mesh network.

Wi-SUN enables large-scale outdoor IoT networks including applications like advanced metering infrastructure and distribution automation.

Wi-SUN is delivering mesh-enabled field area networks (FAN) to provide resilient, secure and cost-effective connectivity with ubiquitous coverage in a range of topographical environments, from dense urban neighbourhoods to rural areas, with minimal additional infrastructure. 

What are the benefits?

Future Proofing

Offers utilities, cities and service providers adaptable multi-service networks that will help ensure interoperability today, and for future generations.

Time Saving

Reduces the time needed to evaluate new products, as behavior and interoperability are well defined.


Encourages the development of a global ecosystem of standards-based products, reducing the risk and costly impact of stranded assets.

Smart Water Management

Smart Gas Metering

Distribution Management

Wi-SUN is proven in the world’s largest outdoor IoT Networks. More than 96.5 million Wi-SUN capable devices awarded worldwide.

(Navigant Research)

Wi-SUN Capable Devices
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Electricity Meters
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Wi-SUN technology will be included in up to 66 million electricity meters connected to home energy management systems in Japan by 2020.

Why Should Utilities Join the Wi‑SUN Alliance?

  • Contribute utility requirements to the certification programs to ensure alignment with both currently deployed systems and future needs
  • Monitor and review the Technical Profile specification
  • Endorse the development of interoperable products based on open standards
  • Encourage an eco-system of interoperable products
  • Feed in your requirements to specification and alliance activities
  • Meet and speak to other utilities around the world using Wi-SUN solutions

Colton Ching, Hawaiian Electric
Speaks at the Wi-SUN Alliance
member meeting in Hawaii.