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Smart Water Management

Smart Water Management Solutions for Smart Cities

Today, smart water systems are being deployed as part of city infrastructures as they allow the collection, treatment, distribution and recycling of water. The integration of smart water management is a vital element of making a city ‘smarter’. Smart water solutions improve efficiency and provide real-time insights through better measuring, collecting and analysis. Water management and water monitoring has to be emphasized as it is essential for both social and economic development. 

The prevalence of smart city water management is on the rise as cities and water utilities are increasingly faced with water challenges such as leakage, theft and changes in the climate. Smart water meters and other IoT sensors can help identify these sources of non-revenue water loss in a matter of days rather than taking months or in some cases years as was previously the case. 

Smart water management aims to guide the use of water in a way that drives efficiency and sustainability. The integration of innovative technologies like Wi-SUN FAN networks addresses the needs of vulnerable communities by enhancing water equity, affordability and access.

Implementing a comprehensive smart water management system can be challenging due to security, complexity, and the need to demonstrate a proven ROI. However, Wi-SUN FAN technology is ideally suited to outdoor IoT networks as it offers a good range and an ability to support dense networks. Traditionally locating leaks in an aging infrastructure is costly and time consuming. 

Wi-SUN networks are based on open standards, ensuring reliability, robustness, and security. Our Field Area Networks (FAN) use wireless mesh topology that is tailor-made for large-scale outdoor networks and supports a plethora of IoT devices. A mesh network provides better coverage over wider spaces and performance regardless of a disruption in communication routes such as adding or removing devices such as meters to the network. 

Water companies can deploy their own dedicated network, or share communications infrastructure with a utility or municipality. For example, a streetlight network using Wi-SUN FAN can provide the connectivity for the IoT devices used for monitoring and managing storm water. This enables impressive collaborations with energy companies and local municipalities, cutting down capital expenditures.

An IoT network built using Wi-SUN FAN technology will ensure the network reliability, resilience and security, enabling cities and municipalities to properly manage precious rainfall and run off to avoid damage and water loss. Cities have the ability to work more efficiently and proactively maintain their infrastructures. While reducing non-revenue water and still maintaining a high security of supply. 

Benefits of Smart Water Management

Improve conservation

Accelerate leak detection and repair

Mitigate run-off and flooding

Improve customer service

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