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FAN 1.0 Test Bed Controller

Wi-SUN FAN 1.0 Test Bed Controller

The FAN Test Bed Controller (TBC) software was developed by QualityLogic and manages the Wi-SUN defined FAN Conformance and Interoperability testing on the Wi-SUN-defined test bed specification. It’s based on the Wi-SUN Certification Test Bed, FAN Conformance, and FAN Interoperability Test Specifications.

What are the benefits?

Save Costs

Bring your high-quality, Wi-SUN conforming product to market faster with less cost.

Higher Quality

Test FAN 1.0 traffic across your network in a controlled  development environment.

Ensure Interoperabilty

Test multiple routers and other supporting software.

Test Bed Controller Support

QualityLogic’s technical support is provided by the engineering and subject matter experts who developed the QualityLogic Wi-SUN FAN v1.0 Test Bed Controller and currently provides all TBC updates and major revisions for the Wi-SUN Alliance. 

Questions regarding the interpretation and meaning of the protocol technical requirements are answered within a day. Insight is also offered into why specific technical requirements were included, how the requirements are tested as part of the certification program, and past experiences of typical implementation behaviors.

Maintenance Contracts cover product updates and are separate from Technical Support.

Technical Support Contracts

You may purchase additional Technical Support Contracts for 5, 10, or 20 hour blocks of time as needed.

Maintenance Contract

Wi-SUN Alliance and QualityLogic are committed to ensure your TBC remains current and up-to-date. Any product revision released solely to correct one or more bugs is provided to the product licensee free of charge, providing that the licensed version is within the current major release and licensee has a current maintenance contract.

About QualityLogic

QualityLogic is the leader in creating test tools to support interoperable ecosystems around industry standards for DERs and DR communications. QualityLogic trains, advises, and creates the test tools for implementing these ecosystems. Learn more.

Get in Touch

The TBC may be purchased directly from QualityLogic. All order fulfillment, product maintenance, and support is provided by QualityLogic.