This page provides access to a variety of resources to help gain a better understanding of Wi-SUN related standards, technology and related activities.

This video describes the benefits that Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) has gained by deploying a SmartGrid.

Tutorial Demonstration of Cisco Field Area Network

This video highlights the general benefits of a SmartGrid using Field Area Network (FAN) technologies. If you are not familiar with SmartGrids and their benefits this is a good place to start.

Visualization of real deployed mesh Field Area Networks (FANs) within high rise buildings in Chicago. Note that since there was no roof placement allowed for Access Points in one of the buildings it has multiple mesh paths to an access point on another building across the river. This video highlights the robustness of a multi-hop mesh FAN.

Visualization of real deployed mesh Field Area Networks (FANs) within high rise buildings in New York City.

Google Earth visualization of a real lightning storm event rolling through Chicago. Outage detection combined with Distribution Automation made possible by a Field Area Network (FAN) allow power to automatically be routed around lightning faulted equipment and allows the utility to more accurately direct personnel to fix critical equipment issues.

Google Earth visualization of hourly power usage of many buildings within Miami’s South Beach. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distribution Automation (DA) are both being run on a common muliti-hop mesh Field Area Network (FAN) of over 2.8 million endpoints. Data can be used to more efficiently provision power and equipment based on daily power usage.

Google Earth visualization of real world voltage measurements made possible by a Field Area Network (FAN) throughout ComEd’s SmartMeter Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment in Chicago, Illinois. These real time measurements allow quick identification of faulty equipment for replacement before catastrophic failure.

Google Earth visualization of real world data during an outage experienced in Chicago in October 2010. Outages are detected, crews are directed to the failure points and power restoration messages are received through the Field Area Network (FAN) which allows crews to move efficiently onto other outage locations.

Video showing a large scale (over 4.5 million endpoints) deployment of a multi-hop mesh Field Area Network (FAN) over the diverse terrain of PG&Eäó»s territory in Northern California. Using FAN technologies, PG&E has been able to deploy one of the largest private wireless IP-based networks in the world and achieve better than 99.5% coverage on a daily basis.

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