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What We Do

Wi‑SUN Alliance® is a global ecosystem of member companies.

Together we seek to accelerate the implementation of open standards based on Field Area Networks (FAN) and Internet of Things (IoT). 


The Wi-SUN Alliance Enables Smart Solutions

The Wi-SUN Alliance has established itself as a leader enabling innovation in smart solutions for large networks.  The mission of the Alliance is to promote multi-vendor interoperability, vendor competition and customer choice. We enable a diverse ecosystem of solution providers, product vendors, silicon vendors, cities, utilities, government institutions and academia to collaborate on smart solutions.

The Wi-SUN Alliance is the certification organization to ensure interoperability for wireless devices for outdoor FAN and Home Area Networks (HAN) as well as other IoT networks.  Our focus is on the defining and testing of communication layers.

The Role of Members in the Alliance

Members of the Wi-SUN Alliance develop test methodology and the test specification.  A Wi-SUN Certified logo gives the marketplace confidence that products can work together in an interoperable, multi-vendor network. Product vendors in particular benefit from using Wi-SUN profiles derived from open standards, as well as access to a global market and from a certification program that adds value to their products.

As a member of the Wi-SUN Alliance you gain access to the technology ecosystem and specifications that allow you to develop and certify interoperable products for IoT applications. Wi-SUN technology supports a full range reference designs and development tools provided by chip providers.

The Wi-SUN Alliance provides global collaboration to allow energy providers to offer an interoperable smart utility communications network and a robust, secure certification program. As well as the marketing resources to increase awareness of its mission.

Key Strengths of the SUN Alliance


 Security is a core concern for any network as compromised devices can be used to mount attacks on other networks, resulting in costly technology replacements or, worse, disrupt essential services or public safety as would be the case for critical IoT networks. Enterprise-grade security is the gold standard among IoT networks. Wi-SUN networks also support over the air upgrades, which are essential for providing security patches and longevity for the network.


Wi-SUN-based mesh networks have proven themselves across a range of challenging and remote environments around the world. Tens of millions of reliably connected endpoints demonstrate that a Wi-SUN based IoT mesh network can achieve the ubiquity and scalability many IoT customers demand.


Wi-SUN networks offer resilience against faults and interference. For example, it is extremely difficult to disrupt a Wi-SUN network, e.g. through a denial of service attack.


Wi-SUN adapts to the landscape and environment as it evolves, so a Wi-SUN network will re-route around a high-rise building or optimize routes for data transmission.


Wi-SUN certified products reduce the risk and costly impact of stranded proprietary assets.e Wi-SUN logo, or seal of approval. The logo ensures compliance with the relevant standards and interoperability with other products.

Why Should You Join the Wi-SUN Alliance?

  • Gain maximum access to the technology ecosystem
  • Help promote wider adoption by new solutions
  • Gain access to the specifications
  • Feed in their requirements to specification and alliance activities
  • Meet and speak to other industry influencers around the world implementing Wi-SUN solutions