WSA0165 – Cisco IR510 WPAN Industrial Router PHY

The Cisco® IR510 WPAN Industrial Router provides unlicensed 902-928MHz, ISM-band IEEE 802.15.4g/e/v Wireless Personal-Area Network (WPAN) communications to diverse Internet of things (IoT) applications. As the next generation of the DA gateway, besides supporting the IoT use cases of smart grid, Distribution Automation (DA), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), it also provides higher throughput, distributed intelligence, GPS, enhanced security. The router supplies enterprise-class RF mesh connectivity to IPv4, IPv6 and RS-232 serial IoT devices, including recloser controllers, capacitor bank controllers, voltage regulator controllers, regulators, distribution line monitors and other Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Purpose-built to withstand outdoor harsh environments, the IR510 is ideal for installations in pad-mount and pole-mount cabinets and in other demanding locations.


Product Certificate – PHY-WSA0165

Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS):  contains information such as supported data rates, frequency bands and other features

PICS document